A black market blogger Mr Tom Garba of TGnews captured an APC state organizing secretary Ahmed Lawan lamenting the decision of the state government to stop salaries of last minutes employees by the previous government which was done against the backdrop of witch hunt is inhuman. I see it as laughable when Lawan referred such decision as inhuman, when his party hold Adamawa workers salaries to ransom for months, refuse to pay pensioners their pensions throughout their hectic tenure, forgetting those workers/Pensioners were family holders who rely heavily on their salaries and pensions. If APC will not applaud the effort of Fintiri by offsetting backlog of salaries created by Bindow, i advice they remain silence not to allow breeze open fowl nyash. Fintiri is people’s governor what he did is on the grounds of public interest and he is determined to clean all the mess cooked by previous administration thus: recruiting through mere waiver without observing the laid down procedures, appointing JSC, CSC, LGSC, HSC and ADSEIC members without proper house of Assembly screening, recommendations, legal procedures and ethics of legislation, reference: member representing Guyuk Hon Sunday Peter raised point of order three times rejecting the illegal confirmation of the members but he was overruled by the speaker and confirmed the illegal appointments. This baby government without any fear or favor will not condone illegalities and in compliance with the 11 points agenda to better Adamawa, he is focus unlike the proxy digital who was a master deceiver. Meanwhile, on his challenge for Fintiri to focus on developmental aspect to outshine Bindow, yes His Excellency Rt. Hon. Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri is brewed by wisdom, steadfastness, doggedness and of course experienced which certainly at the end of his tenure, his giant strides will speak volume and surely he is ever ready and capable of taking Adamawa to greater heights.

Abubakar Idris.


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