It has been observed recently, a particular demented political thug hired by some politicians to garner support for their unpopular candidates has deviated from the issue based campaigns. Instead, they resorted to campaigns of calumny against a potential candidate of the opposition. But the era for any primordial campaign that will lead to our retrogression in Adamawa is over.
To be specific, recently a particular politician is busy telling any gullible who cares to listen to him that, His excellency Ahmadu Umaru Fintiri has once remarked that he has broken the Fulani calabash.Yet, no audio or video that presented to support what was alleged. Essentially, the fabricators were expecting to set up the Fulani’s against their friends,neighbours, in-laws from other tribes. This plan had failed woefully. I am a Fulani man to the core and I’m wholeheartedly in support of Fintiri’s candidature because of his selfless, sincere and unprecedented commitment towards transforming Adamawa.
As a Fulani man, I can boldly state that, calabash has little or no significant value to fulani culture. Culturally, the Fulani jihadist of blessed memory emphasised three things only which are, READ, FARM & REAR.

#RAMEN.” “Kanjum andirama Pullo”

It is a common fact that other non Fulani people also use calabash for various purposes eg Burkutu, is consumed in calabash. And has any Fulani man ever protested that?
But if the interpretation is meant to say that, Fintiri either victimized or will victimize Fulani people, I say it is a blatant lie and very wrong. I will support this position with just two examples and contrast same position with the tenure of a Fulani man.

In the 86 days of Fintiri as Acting Governor of Adamawa state he appointed Professor Abdullahi Liman Tukur (a Fulani) as SSG. The then Commissioner of works was also a fulani by tribe. Also, when Nyako refused to pay Adamawa workers their two months salaries on ground of ‘no work, no pay’, Governor . Fintiri paid them at once. Did he exclude any fulani worker from the payment?
In contrast, the below listed people are Fulani men, (some were even instrumental in bringing Nyako) but were sacked/ kicked or booted aside by their brethren Nyako among them are:

1. Prof. Jibrin Amin
2. Prof. Abdullahi Liman Tukur
3. Late Sallau Gidado
4. Alh. Aliyu Mohammed walga
5. Auwal Tukur
6. Bello Aminu
7. Bello Tukur
8. Engineer Mai
9. Dr. Umar Ardo
10. Bashir Ahmed
11. Babayola Toungo
These gentlemen are all of Fulani extraction and were sacked by Nyako! The pertinent question is who has in actual sense, destroyed, devastated the Fulani more under his regime It was Nyako compared to Fintiri.
We cannot easily forget how he completed the Jada clinic that was abandoned by Nyako’s tenure,yet, Jada is overwhelmingly, a fulani town.
So I call on the hired fabricators to re strategise as this one has failed. We are supporing Fintiri hundred percent for progress,peace and prosperity of our dear beloved state May God bless Fintiri and grant him victory at the polls come 2019.
Fintiri media team.


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