Our attention has been drawn by cheap quack propaganda by some desperado who are so desperate when they knew power has already slips out of their hand. Their 9 points alleged covenant was baseless because it lacks even an iota of truth. How I wish the smart crooked covenant writers took notice of date, time,signatures and venue where this agreement was reached. Who are those people involved in signing the document, and how authoritative that agreement can work despite operating a secular society. However, that will not deter us from responding to each and every of the 9 point covenant, because we at Fintiri camp our hands are clean and we move along with people that’s accord us a huge respect. Cov 1: The writer would have spell out the reasons why an agreement was reached to the position of SSG etc to be given to Christian. 2: what was the reason why Fulani’s and Muslim be sack from holding big offices. Mtswwwwe, just from the two points above, one would get to understand that the remaining seven points covenants are just trashed.
I wish to sincerely call on our opponent that no matter how long a goat convulse, will not stop him from dying. All these blackmail and fake propaganda will not buy you votes from the wise up electorates.


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