Top 8 Best Anti Bloating Pills To Buy Online In 2020

Bloating can be quite embarrassing and uncomfortable. As per Brigham and Women’s Hospital, 10 to 20% of adults experience belching or flatulence regularly. (1) Anti-bloating pills is a proven way of getting relief from this inconvenient problem.

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However, with so many different pills available in the market, you can easily get confused which one to purchase. And moreover a wrong choice can make your bloating even worse.

In order to clear the confusion, our team has consulted few expert physicians. And based on that information, they have picked up the best anti-bloating pills.

List of Best Anti-Bloating Pills

“Zenwise Health” supplement has taken the first place in our list because of its unique blend, plant sourced enzymes, and completely vegetarian formula. Apart from that, it is quite affordable too…

1. Zenwise Health Advanced Digestive Enzymes + Probiotics

Zenwise Health has taken the first place in our list because of its unique blend of natural ingredients and premium-grade formula. This supplement contains a blend of plant sourced enzymes that are effective in providing relief from bloating, constipation, gas and indigestion.

It contains advanced enzymes like protease, invertease, maltase, cellulase, lactase, bromelain, amylase and glucoamylase. These enzymes will break down food into smaller pieces in the stomach and help in digestion. These enzymes also help to absorb nutrients from the food and enhance its energy levels.

Apart from digestive enzymes, it also contains green papaya, apple pectin, inulin prebiotic, and multi-strain probiotic. This supplement is completely vegetarian and GMO free.


    Advanced Digestive Enzymes.
    Reduces bloating, gas, and indigestion.
    Boosts energy levels.
    Probiotic and prebiotic blend.
    100% vegetarian.
    Made in USA.
    Made in GMP certified facility.
    100% money back guarantee.


    Not gluten free.
    It may cause stomach pain initially.
    Not suitable for lactose intolerants.

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2. Dr. Tobias Outta Gas Liquid Capsules

The tobias outta gas liquid capsules are unique blend of activated charcoal, organic coconut oil and peppermint oil. The fast dissolving liquid filled capsules contain activated charcoal which is beneficial for bloating, gas and help to calm the stomach.

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As the activated charcoal is very porous, it will help to absorb toxins and gas present in the colon. Apart from activated charcoal, it also contains coconut oil and peppermint oil which are helpful for digestive health.


    Supports detoxification.
    Blend of activated charcoal, coconut oil and peppermint oil.
    Superior fast-dissolving liquid capsules.
    Made in USA.
    Improves gut health and digestion.


    Suitable for only occasional bloating.
    Contains tree nuts.
    Contains gelatin.

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3. Bayberg Digestive Health

Bayberg digestive is one of the best anti-bloating pills for relief. It has a unique formula which usually breaks down undigested proteins, toxins and cellular debris. It contains broad enzyme spectrum (amylase, protease and lipase) which helps to improve digestion.

It also contains bromelain, protease and papain which help to relieve inflammatory bowel discomfort. It also supports gluten digestion as it contains aspergillopepsin. This unique blend also contains beneficial gut bacteria which improve digestion and immune system.


    Made in USA.
    No gluten, hormones, antibiotics, preservatives, artificial ingredients or flavors.
    Made in GMP-certified and FDA-approved facility.
    100% satisfaction guaranteed.
    Unique blend of multi-enzymes.


    It made some people nauseous.
    Smell a bit odd.

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4. Gaia Herbs Rapid Relief Gas and Bloating

The unique formula of gaia herbs rapid relief contain vegetable charcoal and fennel seed extracts which help in improving digestion. Apart from that it also balances digestive system.

It quickly reduces bloating, feeling of heaviness, gas and belching that commonly occur after meals. The ingredients present in this capsule are completely natural.


    100% vegan.
    Liquid phyto-caps, better bio-availability.
    Pesticide and heavy metal toxicity free.
    Promotes absorption and elimination of gas.


    Vegetable charcoal can interact with other drugs.

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5. Gas-X Extra Strength Softgel

Gas-X is doctor’s recommended no.1 anti-bloating pills. It contains simethicone which is proven to provide fast relief. This capsule will break up the bubbles in the intestines and stomach so that you can pass it easily.

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The active ingredient in this tablet it simethicone which works quickly in the GI tract without getting absorbed into the bloodstream. Its anti-foaming agent helps to reduce intestinal and stomach gas buildup which usually lead to bloating and discomfort.


    Relieves gas pressure, discomfort and bloating.
    Specially formulated with simethicone for fast relief.
    #1 doctor recommended gas relief brand.
    Available in 2 forms – softgels and chewables.


    Works effectively only for mild bloating.

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6. Vimerson Health

Vimerson health digestive enzymes is the perfect solution for gastrointestinal health and common discomforts like bloating, gas, indigestion, constipation, and others. The digestive enzymes present in this capsule will break down the proteins and food into smaller molecules which usually get carried into the bloodstream.

It helps in boosting metabolism and promote healthy digestion. Apart from digestive enzymes, this capsule also contains protease, papain, lipase, bromelain, and others. These ingredients help to break down the food into amino acids so that they can be absorbed easily.


    Natural formula.
    Made in USA.
    Free of soy, gluten, dairy and soy.
    Highest quality and safety.
    Heals the leaky gut by taking off the stress in the GI tract.
    Aids in nutrient absorption and prevents nutrient deficiency.


    It may cause diarrhea initially in some cases.

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7. Labrada Advanced Anti-Bloat Formula

Advanced anti-bloat formula presented by Jamie Eason is the perfect anyone who want to relief from bloating and excess weight. It contains all natural ingredients which include triphala (amla, bihitaki and hartiak), dandelion extract and ginger root extract.

This powerful yet natural blend helps to cleanse the body naturally, shed the excess weight, remove toxins and support weight loss. Apart from treating bloating, it also flushes out excess water content in the body. It makes you feel more energized than earlier.

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    Natural ingredients.
    No synthetic mysterious ingredients.
    Relieves bloating, and flushes out excess water as well as toxins.
    Supports weight loss.
    Makes you more energized.
    Easy on your system.
    Vegetarian and vegan.


    Preferable for mild bloating.

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8. Healthmonde Anti-Bloating Pill

When it comes to bloating and digestive health, Healthmonde is the perfect and potent formula to try. This advanced digestive formula contains digestive enzymes (plant based), probiotics (1 billion CFU) and prebiotics (100mg). Piperine is also added into the formula so that it can absorb vitamins, essential nutrients and minerals.

As it contains a broad spectrum of enzymes, it helps in digesting the fats, sugars, grains, seeds, proteins, fats and nuts. This helps in relieving bloating, constipation, gas, leaky gut, irritable bowel syndrome and other gastrointestinal disorders. This supplement is helpful in eliminating toxic waste, achieve energy, and maintain a healthy lifestyle.


    Advanced digestive formula.
    Contains prebiotics and probiotics.
    Aids in eliminating toxic waste, achieve energy.
    100% natural.
    Easy to swallow capsule.
    100% money back guarantee.


    It may cause constipation initially.

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If you are bloating regularly then anti-bloating pills can be a great relief. However, make sure to take them as suggested or prescribed by physician. As per our experts, Zenwise Health is the right choice for treating bloating and other digestive concerns.

Which anti-bloating pill did you prefer? If you have any further queries or concerns, write to us in the comment section below. Our team will be more than happy to clarify.

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